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Check out these brand new sex dolls!

When you are told sex and doll, you think of inflatable dolls? In Japan, we think of hyper realistic silicone dolls. Are not you stimulated by a mini sex doll?

The debate around the subject: sex dolls and their effects on humans

We have already told you about the love dolls phenomenon in Japan. Created by the Japanese company Orient Industry, these silicone dolls dubbed "dutch wives" in Japan are so realistic that the Japanese media are convinced that if you buy one, you will never need a girlfriend. The silicone used during the creation of the dolls allows a sensation of touch of the skin very realistic and it is also possible to articulate them.

The dolls are now equipped with sensors, AI, for some, it is possible to violate them, for others, necessary to seduce them .The doll is hollow, empty, inert, dumb, what makes all the interest of the game: it is to bring out something.

"We wanted to create a buzz, just to see the reaction of people"

Interviewed by the editors of the Observateurs de France 24, a page administrator confirmed that this publication was deliberately false. "We wanted to create a buzz, just to see the reaction of people, we invented this story from scratch," he says. In addition, the photos used to support the rumor are all pretext images, easily found on the internet by doing a research on "sex dolls" or "inflatable dolls". By doing a reverse search, we see that the images used are everywhere online, and that they have not been taken on the market stalls.

To conclude, the doll is part of a new revolution in robotics that allows an artificial intelligence to be integrated in a body particularly similar to that of a human. Manufacturers explain that Harmony 2.0 is the logical next step for sex dolls, more like a companion than a simple source of pleasure


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